Legal services

NAPR Members Receive Free or Discounted Legal Services:


Need an up to date Representative or Sub-Representative contract? It’s free. Need legal help?


Herbert W. Solomon has served as NAPR’s attorney for more than the past 30 years. He was also  previously a chairman of the Corporation Law Committee of his local bar association. He is an expert on matters pertaining to Independent Advertising Media Sales Representatives. Services include:


  • Agreements between an Independent Media Representative and the Publisher.
  • Representative disputes with Publishers and collecting unpaid  commissions.
  • Sale or acquisition of an Independent Media Representative’s business.
  • Purchase of an Independent Media Representative’s business.
  • Mergers of an Independent Media Representative’s business.


As NAPR’s attorney, Mr. Solomon is available for initial consultations with NAPR members without charge. If retained, his fee to members is on a reduced basis to that which would be charged to non-NAPR members. Mr. Solomon’s expertise and availability is one of the major benefits of membership in NAPR.

Herbert W. Solomon is available and he can be reached at 516 747-0300 and